Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education is established to promote quality education, research, training and consultation in teacher training with a global perspective to meet the challenges of the fast changing trends in the field of education. It offers a unique opportunity to students to actively engage and thoughtfully process relevant issues of their lives in the mirror of reflective education. It develops domain of knowledge, teaching skills, IT skills and soft skills. Students are trained in computer aided learning ambience where they get to meet students from different linguistic, cultural and behavioral backgrounds. The B.Ed. program offered by Faculty of Education is two years program, which has been duly approved by the NCTE. To keep pace with the changing trends and developments, it aims at developing a new cadre of teaching professionals through a rigorous full-time campus-based program. It offers courses which are practice -oriented with an application of principles, methods and challenges to meet the demands and problems in the schools of present times.

FOE as an area of knowledge and a field of professional practice, offers two years course in B.Ed. program and M.A (Education) program, and has proposed for M.Ed. and PhD programs too.

Teacher Internship Program enables students to experience the rigor of professional environment and combine the concepts learnt in classroom with the real-life situations. The Teacher Internship Program (TIP) consists of Micro teaching, Macro teaching and Teaching Practice. The Teacher Internship Program (TIP) forms an important component of the B.Ed. program. The TIP, which would be a simulation of real work environment, requires that the students undergo the rigors of professional environment both in form and substance. In the process, it provides an opportunity for students to participate in real life teaching situations, develop teaching skills, and know methods of remedial teaching and other such related dimensions. It also exposes them to various soft skills, and helps them acquire human skills by interacting with outside professionals while seeking information.

A team of competent, qualified and committed Faculty and Staff members steer the Faculty of Education. They play a significant role in ensuring quality education through interactive teaching, creative and innovative pedagogy, continuous evaluation and constructive feedback. The extensive knowledge, professional experience and advanced education of the faculty members enrich the quality of academic delivery of Education programs. Each faculty member is entrusted the responsibility of mentoring in various areas like-academics, developing proficiency in teaching through practice sessions, preparation for seminars and so on. Faculty of Education provides well-equipped computer and Language laboratory facilities to all the students who will be guided by well experienced faculty.

Faculty of Education endeavors to build the overall personality development of the students by bringing a balance between the classroom and out of classroom life. It provides a variety of opportunities for participation and initiation of different co-curricular activities. The activities are intended to support the educational purpose of the university by working to create the experimental learning options outside the classroom and encouraging the students to actively participate in the greater educational arena. Through the organization of diverse activities, the students learn the value of collaborative and collective learning. Students are encouraged to form informal groups and share information and exchange ideas.

The teacher trainees are encouraged to develop a research orientation of mind that would help them to identify innovative approaches in their teaching-learning process.

Faculty of Education specializes in exposing the students to vast sources of knowledge and experience in the form of Guest lectures and Seminars christened as Talk Fests. The Faculty of Education also conducts students? seminars to develop self-confidence and improve communication skills in them. Students are encouraged to present seminars on recent innovations in the field of teacher-education.

The Faculty of Education is currently offering following degree programs

The Faculty of Education (B.Ed) - 2 Years program

Master of Arts (Education) - 2 Years Program