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Feedback of Students and Faculties


Mr. Roop Lal

B.Ed (Batch 2022-2024), Faculty of Education

I've had a fantastic experience with the academic programs here. The professors are not only leaders in their fields but also genuinely committed to student success. They are approachable and often willing to provide guidance and support for both academic and career aspirations. The courses are challenging but rewarding, and there are plenty of opportunities for research, internships, and hands-on learning that prepare you for the real world.


Ms. Gule Fatima

B.Com (Batch 2022-2025), Faculty of Commerce

The campus life here is vibrant and inclusive. There are different clubs and activities, which means you can always find something that interests you or something new to try. Events like guest lectures, cultural festivals, and campus festivals keep the university lively and engaging throughout the year. Living in the dorms has been an incredible way to meet people and build lasting friendships.


Ms. Monali Shrivastava

B.Tech(CSE) (Batch-2023-27), Faculty of Science & Technology

This university’s facilities are top-notch. From the libraries with extensive resources to the WIFI campus and IT enabled class room, everything is designed to enhance our learning experience. The sports facilities are incredible too, catering to athletes and encouraging everyone to get involved in physical activities. The investment in sustainable and green infrastructure makes it a truly inspiring place to study and live.


Mr. G. Dileep Naidu

B.Tech(CSE) (Batch-2020-24), Faculty of Science & Technology

What stands out most is the diverse and welcoming community at this university. Coming from a different region, I found a home away from home. The university promotes a multicultural environment where everyone is respected and valued. There are numerous resources and programs to help regional students acclimate and numerous initiatives aimed at promoting inclusivity and diversity, which enriches the learning and social experience for all.


Ms. Neetya Jha

BBA (Batch-2022-25), Faculty of Management Studies

My experience at the university has been positive in terms of academic quality. The focus on internships is commendable, although the execution could be improved. While class tests serve a purpose, the frequency of monthly assessments can be overwhelming. Faculty members have been incredibly supportive.

I do appreciate the effort put into organizing industrial visits. They offer invaluable real-world insights and experiences that complement academic learning.


Dr.Archi Dubey

(Assistant Professor & HoD, Faculty of Management Studies)

The university's commitment to research excellence is prominently reflected in its robust Ph.D. programs, which are designed to foster deep academic inquiry and innovative research among students. The programs are well-supported by experienced faculty who are leaders in their fields, and this mentorship significantly enhances the quality and scope of research outputs.

Regular national and international workshops and conferences hosted by the university serve as vital platforms for scholarly exchange and networking, enriching the academic community by bringing together diverse experts and young scholars from around the world. These events not only keep our faculty and students at the forefront of global research trends but also highlight the university's role as a center of academic excellence.

Additionally, the initiative to promote faculty research through research incentives is a commendable strategy that has substantially increased research productivity and quality. By providing grants, sabbaticals, and funding for attending international conferences, the university not only supports existing faculty but also attracts high-caliber researchers to its ranks.

However, while these efforts are noteworthy, there is always room for enhancement, particularly in expanding the inter-disciplinary research programs and increasing collaboration with international research institutions. Doing so could further elevate the university’s reputation and impact in global research communities. Overall, the university’s strategic focus on research and academic development creates a stimulating environment that drives scholarly progress and innovation.


Mr. Naveen Kumar Vaishnav

(Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science & Technology)

The university's proactive approach in bridging academia and industry is highly commendable. The regular organization of industrial visits offers students firsthand insights into real-world applications of their academic knowledge, enhancing their understanding and sparking their interest in various sectors. Internship programs are robust, providing essential exposure and practical experience that are invaluable in the job market. The institution's annual science competition ignites creativity and innovation among students, encouraging them to apply theoretical concepts in competitive and practical scenarios.

Additionally, the series of invited guest talks from industry leaders not only enriches the academic environment but also allows students to network with professionals and gain career advice directly from experts in their fields. This is crucial for professional growth and orientation.

Placement opportunities are another significant strength of the university, with a dedicated placement cell that actively works to connect students with potential employers. The university boasts strong ties with industry, which is evident from the high placement rates and the quality of job offers students receive.

Overall, the university excels in integrating educational activities with professional development, preparing students effectively for their future careers.


Mr.Hemant Dewangan

(Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science & Technology)

The university's commitment to sports is evident in the variety of games offered, including fewer mainstream sports such as girls' cricket and kabaddi, along with volleyball. The facilities for these sports are well-maintained, which encourages participation and enhances performance. It's particularly commendable how the university promotes inter-university sports, providing athletes with the opportunity to compete at higher levels and gain broader exposure. However, while the range of sports is impressive, further efforts could be made to increase attendance and support for women's sports events, enhancing visibility and creating a more vibrant sporting atmosphere. This could include more aggressive marketing and possibly integrating these events into broader university celebrations or other popular student activities.


Dr. Shubhra Tiwari

(Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts & Humanities)

The university's testing pattern, which includes Test-1, Test-2, Test-3, a makeup test, and an end-semester exam, provides multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate their knowledge and improve their grades progressively. I appreciate the structure as it allows for continuous assessment, helping to identify and support students who may be struggling early in the semester. However, the effectiveness of this system hinges significantly on the transparency and consistency of evaluation. It's commendable that the results are made available promptly and that there is a clear rubric for grading which is communicated in advance. This transparency helps in maintaining trust and clarity between students and faculty, fostering a more collaborative and understanding educational environment.


Dr. S.S. Dubey

(Associate Professor, Faculty of Science & Technology)

The university's approach to extracurricular and cultural events is commendable, particularly in how it celebrates a variety of traditions that enrich the student experience. Events like Youth Day, the Kite Festival, Navratri with vibrant Garba performances, and Ganesh Puja are notable highlights that not only bring the student community together but also honor and sustain cultural heritage. Distributing til laddus during the Kite Festival and providing traditional meals during Ganesh Puja are thoughtful touches that enhance the festive mood and introduce diverse students to Indian cuisines. The celebration of Yoga Day promotes health and mindfulness, integrating well with the university’s emphasis on holistic student development. However, these events could benefit from more educational content that explains the cultural significance of each celebration. Moreover, increasing student participation in the planning and execution could provide invaluable organizational experience and deepen their connection to their heritage.