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  • The objective of producing “The Horizon” is to keep in touch with our stakeholders, regularly, and keep them posted with the progress the University is making in various fields such as, Academics, Research, Industry Connect, Sports, Leadership Building, All-Round Development of Students, etc.
  • The Newsletter acts as a bridge between the IUR, and the outside world. The progress and development of the University as well as the individual faculty, staff, and students will be published periodically in the Newsletter.
  • "We are proud to announce The ICFAI University’s first-ever Newsletter! We hope you continue to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, where you can see the progress made by individuals and contribution by the University to the societal development, etc.
  • The newsletter objective aligns with the mission and vision of the University. Apart from institutional reports, the Newsletter highlights students and its staff academic progress and growth, actions taken to build University reputation in the society and industry-institution partnership which will be need based and reciprocal in nature, etc.

A Message from the Newsletter Editorial Team

As a team, we aim to balance articles and news about University and activities in order to cater to the need of stakeholders. The Newsletter values your contribution and we look forward to your continuous support for the coming issues. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, complaints, or constructive suggestions, we’d love to hear them, so please e-mail us!

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